Book Review- Every Day by David Levithan

Have you ever wished you could someone else? In a new body, in a new place, just something different? This is A’s life, every day. He wakes up each day in a new body, which he inhabits for a day, and one day only. It could be any gender, any race, any sexuality. It’s been this way forever. Then once day he wakes up as Justin, a teenage boy with a caring girlfriend named Rihannon, who A falls in love with. It only takes one day but it’s long enough for A to realise that he would do anything to see her again and being in a strangers body won’t stop him.

The risks he takes means it’s not only Rihannon who learns about A’s unusual life and he finds himself in the centre of a ‘demon’ news story.

Everything about this book had me gripped; the reverse ground-hog day structure, the detailed writing which made it easy to imagine the characters and places as if you were there with them, and the way it managed to be sad, frightening and strange while inhabiting the themes of a love story all at the same time.

While on the surface it is a simple concept, it can get complicated when A’s life sparks some deep questions. Family may be annoying sometimes, but how would you feel if you didn’t have any? No one constant in your life to care for you and comfort you when you’re upset? It also puts love and gender into perspective. A never decides on a sexuality or gender, and why should he? Does it really matter? In the end he’s still a person and he lives his life.

Perhaps the most satisfying part was the ending, which I can never normally say about a book. It ends unexpectedly and leaves you wanting more, while managing to also give you closure on the running story lines.

To avoid ruining it for you, I’ll leave it there, but I definitely recommend this book for a quick read. It will not disappoint.


// Beth


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