Third Year Resolutions

My housemates and I are coming to the end of our university life (as much as we will deny it, and pretend that it’s not happening!) So, this year is all about making the most of the time we have left!

Basically, our motto is ‘make the most of it‘… cliché eh?

Living away from our home cities: Once university is over, it’s likely we’ll have to move back home, even for little bit. We’ll be heading back to the cities we grew up in, spreading all the the UK and away from our home for the last three years. This year is our last chance to make the most of the city, seeing it’s sights and visiting the places it has to offer! We’ve already visited a great dessert shop…


Living with friends: For the past three years, I’ve been living with the same group of people. We started out as strangers but are now friends and housemates. It’s been fun living with people the same age as me and it’s a lot different from living in the family home. You become very independent and responsible – it makes you grow up! So much so that now we seem to have outgrown our own families and moving back home after uni just sounds like a nightmare! But we’ve got one year left together and we’re not going to take that for granted!

Having free time: When you start university you’ll be surprised about how much free time you have. I only had 12 scheduled hours a week, which left a lot of free time. But, third years steps up. While I have less scheduled hours, I’ll have a LOT more work to. Working on assignments on top of a dissertation and going to placements, I’m expecting my ‘free’ time to be drastically reduced! So, whatever free time we do find will be spent a lot more wisely and not spent lounging around!

One of the sights in my university city!

The ease of university nights out: It’s so easy to go out at uni, especially compared to at home! The clubs are down the road, taxis always available and the SU bar practically on the doorstep. While we know we won’t be going out as much this year, any nights we can, we will and will make the most of them! They’ll be little rewards for all of out hard work throughout the year!


// Beth


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