How I Plan To Live

I may only be 20 years old, but I don’t believe it’s ever too early to make a bucket list. Some people may think it’s morbid, but what’s wrong with writing a list of things you want to achieve or do in your lifetime?

It’s less about the death and more about the living, and here’s how I plan to live.

  1. Travel – Australia and America really appeal to me. I’d love to make a whole trip touring America, visiting every state and Australia is the dream. Also, Niagara Falls is a must see sight.
  2. Sleep under the stars – There’s something about the sky at night, with all the stars shining. I love the sight. There’s so much out there in the world, the whole universe and it does fascinate me. Sleeping under the stars just seems like a really amazing and peaceful experience that I’d love to do.
  3. See One Direction Live – Complete! Several times over actually… It doesn’t matter that it was my younger self who made this one, even at 20 I still love seeing them live! Who wouldn’t be amazed to see the biggest boyband in the world!?

    One Direction, Birmingham Barclaycard Arena 12/10/15
    One Direction, Birmingham Barclaycard Arena 12/10/15
  4. Play an extra in a film – I take this back, I did it and I can tell you all that I am not a natural actress! I played an extra in a Christmas scene for my housemates student film, so I can count this one complete too.
  5. Get a tattoo – Still thinking this one through… all in good time.
  6. Disneyland/DisneyworldNow I’ve been to Florida twice and both times, it was incredible. I feel that it is the ultimate theme park experience but even so, I’d still love to visit Disneyland Paris!

    Pluto, Hollywood Studios, Disneyworld Florida, July 2015
  7. Have my writing published – Also complete! Work Experience with the Bristol Post meant I had a few articles published in the newspaper and online. But as a journalist, I do plan to have many more articles added to the published list!
  8. Rescue a dog – However much I’d love a puppy, I can’t help but think of all those dogs living in dog homes after being rescued. They all deserve a loving home with an owner who loves them and I would definitely qualify for one of them! Just need that house of my own before I can save them!
  9. Act in a play – Complete! I was a monkey in my Sixth Form Production of The Jungle Book, which I loved!
  10. Go to an outdoor cinema  – I may have gotten this idea from Grease, but  (in good weather) it would be such a fun experience!
  11. Go to an outdoor concert – the music filling up all the surroundings and the cooling air would be a perfect setting to see my favourite band!


I know I made a Bucket List a few years ago on this blog, but I have since changed my mind on a few things I wrote. This is a much more refined version of how I plan to live.

What would you put on your bucket list?


// Beth


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