Sounds Good Feels Good – 5 Seconds of Summer Album Review

Sounds Good Feels Good is the second album by Australian band 5 Seconds of Summer. We knew it had been written with All Time Low’s lead vocalist Alex Gaskarth and the Madden Brothers of Good Charlotte fame, but even that doesn’t mentally prepare you for the masterpiece that is this album.

It’s a lot less about girls (the main topic of their first album) and lot more about real life problems; divorce, depression, loneliness. 5SOS have it covered.


Now, I’ve had the chance to calm down the fangirl inside me and (try to) write an objective review about this long awaited album.

Strongest Song – Safety Pin, This category should also be called
‘should be a single because this song is a gem’. Safety Pin was a song 5SOS treated us to before the official album release and even inspired a new logo (after they their old one was stripped from them in a copyright argument). The heart held together by a safety pin is the icon of the New Broken Scene, basically what this album is all about. And the song is has a strong chorus, definitely a track which will have a huge impact live

Most Pop – Catch Fire, Strangely similar to a One Direction track at the start… Not a bad thing though, it’s a strong song with a great chorus. Possibly one of my favourites.

Most Punk – Jet Black Heart, Another early release and what a ballad style emo hit this one is. Very metaphorical about the weather, and much darker and deeper than the others.

Weakest Song – Outerspace, No matter how many times you listen to the album, I’ll guess that this song would be the one that you cannot recall. Probably the most forgetful one on the album.

Catchiest Song – Castaway, The “woah-oh’s” at the beginning really leave you with no choice but to sing along. Then when it hits the chorus, oh there you go again. Try not to sing along, bop you head or bounce in anyway, go on, I dare you.

The Grower – Fly Away, Another one released before the album officially came out but it’s taken until now for it to have any effect on me. Perhaps an unpopular opinion when taking a glance at Tumblr, but for me it didn’t quite have anything special about it first of all, nothing that caught my attention.

Deepest Song – Broken Home, You don’t even have to be from a broken home for this song to make your heart hurt. You feel pain for those who have come from broken homes because this song manages to convey what that feels like. It’s a track which will definitely strike a chord with many of their fans. For an example of the emotion, here’s just some of the lyrics:
“Hey mum, hey dad, when did this end, when did you lose your happiness? I’m here alone inside of this broken home.”
“Who’s right, who’s wrong, who really cares? The fault, the blame, the pain’s still there. I’m here alone inside of this broken home.”

Strong Vocals – Girl Who Cried Wolf, Stop for a second and listen to Luke Hemmings’ vocals on this one. And if you don’t stop, they’ll grab your attention anyway. There’s so much emotion in them that his voice loses that usual smoothness. His gravelly chorus has such impact, an impact that I am so eager to see live.

Personal Favourite(s) – Safety Pin/Broken Home/Catch Fire, So I can’t pick just one but here’s a sad ‘un, catchy one and just a gem which have to be my top 3.
The whole idea of the New Broken Scene gives the 5SOS fans a place to belong. The boys have written about a variety of issues on this album, things which can be quite prominent problems in the lives of their audience. It has immense appeal for anyone who needs an anthem to hold their head up to, a song to keep them strong and an incredible set of lyrics to relate to.

Sounds Good Feels Good promises to inspire you, encourage you, comfort you. It’s a package of lyrical lovelies, beautiful vocals and strong chorus’ (and I haven’t even mentioned the interludes)!


// Beth


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