Christmas advert rating 2015

The wait to see each shop’s festive advert is what the run up to Christmas is all about. Every year new ones are released and the general public are always waiting to decide on their favourite. So, here is my list, ranking the top few Christmas adverts of 2015!

5. John Lewis and the man on the moon

It had to be in the list somewhere didn’t it? The classic, the one everyone waits for, but unfortunately, this year it doesn’t make the top of the list! Remember last year’s and Monty the Penguin? I think JL are going to find it difficult to ever top that one!

4. TKMaxx Love your neighbour

Not everyone’s favourite I’m sure, but the advert shows some thoughtful, kind and lovely neighbours treating others to a gift – and I find that really sweet.

3. Co-Op’s Kind Neighbour 

Similar to TKMaxx’s advert – but better! Although the weather isn’t particularly cold this year, definitely not enough to make it icy, it’s still makes a sweet advert – a young man looking after his elderly neighbours at Christmas!

2. Sainsbury’s cat advert

Very cute, telling a whole story in just a few minutes and showing the love and spirit that Christmas is all about!

1. Aldi’s telescope advert

The clear winner this year has to be Aldi’s version of the John Lewis advert! Who saw that coming!?


Merry Christmas!

// Beth


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