Merry Christmas!

My blog has been awfully quiet lately, I’m sorry! It’s been a horribly busy lead up to Christmas and I’ve been jam-packed with university assignments, a work placement, Harry Potter Society (now featuring Quidditch), preparing for Christmas and making a start to my dissertation!

Yes, I have now decided on a dissertation idea and I’ve signed myself up for a lot of work! By the end of this academic year I will have created two original magazines, on top of other university assignments which involve writing many, many news stories and essays!

While working through this pile of work and organisation, I’ve also been looking after my health which isn’t too bad considering the weather and time of year! I’ll see what they say at my next appointment though…!

Now you’re all caught up (albeit briefly!), so go off and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Thank you to anyone who has read my blog in the past year and welcome and thank you to the new readers I hope to see in the new year!

I’ll be back in January 2016, once I’ve finished and handed in my next two university assignments!


See you then!

// Beth


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