Trainwreck Review (Spoilers)

In its simplest form, Trainwreck is a rom-com, a typical love story between a man and a woman with its complications and an overall happy ending. But Trainwreck has something that makes it different from others of its kind; it has strong humour, top quality dialogue, times of intense emotion and of course, Amy Schumer.


Straying from typical movie stereotypes, it’s Schumer who plays the promiscuous character – the fun-loving Amy whose Dad taught her from a young age that “monogamy isn’t realistic”. The lesson didn’t seem to resonate with her sister Kim though, who’s settled with a husband, stepson and new baby on the way. Then Doctor Aaron Connors (Bill Hader) comes along and it seems maybe Amy can enjoy a life of commitment and real romance too.

The relationship between Hader and Schumer’s characters forms easily and believably. Their interactions are the source of many jokes and it’s a partnership you won’t want to see leave your screen – which of course it does for a time, after they suffer necessary conflict.

Intimate scenes manage to stay entertaining without encroaching on the awkward – that is until one of the later ones when Amy goes home with the underage intern from work.

Generally, Amy is a relatable character and the scenes in which this is shown are some of the best. Whether she’s drinking away her troubles, struggling to exercise or expressing herself through sarcasm and popular culture references, she’s constant entertainment and a character which could only be played by the fantastic Amy Schumer.

Trainwreck features a surprising and star-studded cast, with appearances from LeBron James, Daniel Radcliffe and John Cena. Brie Larson plays the perfect sister Kim who displays an unexpected mother-son relationship bond with her stepson – reinforcing her happy family set-up and showing  sharp contrast to her sister Amy’s life. Sweetly, it’s this young boy who ends up helping Amy resolve the problems in her life.

This typical rom-com shows itself to actually be not typical at all. It is a masterpiece of realistic characters, ingenious comedy and concrete emotion, with the power to physically make you laugh out loud all the way through.

// Beth

(After watching it multiple times in the past few days, I can easily say this is now one of my favourite rom-coms).


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