I’m a Feminist

So this is a post about feminism… how many of you have lost interest already? I bet there’s a whole bunch of people who won’t have even read this far. Why? Because you aren’t a feminist? Because you don’t agree with the movement? Because you think it’s been done and everything is fine and dandy for both genders?
I think I’ve covered 99% of the reasons and I’m not here to tell you that you’re wrong. I’m here to tell you that you’re naive.

Think about who you know. How do you know them? From school, university, work? If the answer is yes, I’m going to guess that you’re from a well-developed country where women can already exercise the right to have an education or have a professional job within a company. In which case, wonderful, but I’m here to tell you that despite this, equality hasn’t been reached. Consider the gender pay gap, the woman’s position within a company, the ratio of men to women within the workplace. Not as equal as it may seem.

Now consider a less developed country, one where a young girl isn’t allowed to go to school because she needs to look after her younger siblings, clean the house or make sure there’s dinner on the table.

Someone pointed out to me how the word ‘feminist’ is the problem. The ‘-ist’ is associated with labels given to offenders, such as rapist, sexist etc. It makes it sound like a bad word, something that you don’t want to be. But feminism is gender equality. So make this your fight, your campaign. Work towards gender equality.


This will mean women can run companies and get paid the same as their male counterparts. It means men can cry and little boys can dress up as princesses if they want to. It’s not stopping women from becoming housewives, and it’s not stopping men from doing so either, but it’s giving everyone the same options.

Why wouldn’t a woman support a movement where people are fighting for the female gender to be as successful, celebrated and as appreciated as their male counterparts? A movement where men and women have the same options and can make choices with no prejudice or judgement?

Feminism is about making the world better, for both genders – and you don’t support this why??
I’m not saying you need to walk around wearing a sandwich-board reading ‘I AM A FEMINIST’, but at least appreciate and support the work that people are doing towards gender equality, for you and for the world.

If you’re still not on the feminism/gender equality bandwagon, search the hashtag #everydaysexism on social media. You’ll be shocked at what you read.


// Beth


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