2016 has so far been super busy – I’ve had a number of assessed news days, one of the last university essays I’ll ever have to write, and two magazine to make.

A few months ago, we decided a nice trip to Amsterdam over Easter would be a nice little break from all of this work, which it was, and we all had a great time. However, it is time to return to work and give it one final inspired push before I finish university for good! So do forgive me for the lack of posts so far this year, I’m posting when I think I have a spare 5 minutes!


I thought today I’d give you a holiday roundup, although the word ‘holiday’ doesn’t seem quite right when it was cold, windy and a busy 5 day city break!

Here’s where we went: 1 sex museum, 1 erotic mu98seum, 1 prostitute museum, 2 canal cruises, body worlds, Anne Frank’s house, The Heineken Experience and Amsterdam’s Ice Bar.
Sadly it was raining on our last day, which was also the day we planned to hire bikes for a cycle around the city. I’ll have to return there one day for that! (Although I was slightly relieved as Amsterdam roads are chaotic! Talk about hazard perception!)



In Amsterdam’s Ice Bar, with drinks in glasses made of ice!

Here’s what I learnt, most of which I was told on the free Heineken canal boat tour!

1. In Amsterdam, the houses lean forwards so the rain doesn’t run into any open windows and instead drips off the house, and also because they pull furniture up to the top floor using a pulley rope system and it stops the furniture hitting the building.
2. Some houses have two staircases, one for the men and one for women, as years and years ago, the men let women climb the stairs first and look up their skirts!
3. Wider houses are charged more tax, so there’s a lot of thin houses in Amsterdam which were cheaper to live in. The wider houses are still there but are often used for offices now as they are so expensive to live in.
4. The windows are made smaller as they go up the houses, to give the illusion that the houses are actually taller than they are (they’re still pretty tall though)!




Amsterdam was just as I expected it, full of skinny roads, skinny houses and canals! It was an interesting and easy place to visit and explore, and has inspired me to want to visit so many more European countries in the future! (But first, graduate!)




// Beth

(If you go, make sure you ask for English Breakfast tea if you want a British cuppa. We suffered with a few herbal, fruity substitutes!)


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