As I have definitely mentioned on this blog before, I made a magazine about Cystic Fibrosis for my dissertation. As a young person with CF, I knew there was little information out there which specifically targeted young people. I found this gap in the market and created an idea which I then designed into a magazine.

Loungs (young/lungs) provides information about symptoms specifically for those with CF, aged 16-25. At these ages, a lot of new symptoms can present themselves, so Loungs aims to explain them and answer the questions young people may have about them. As well as this information, there are interviews with patients who have attended university, landed incredible careers, travelled and much more – all to show that having CF doesn’t need to stop you from living a normal life. In this first issue, students have explained how they manage to fit in their treatment regime while living the university lifestyle. Trunki creator Rob Law features as the cover star, and in his interview he explains how he travelled and set up his business, all while staying well. With recipes, a Q&A page and much more, the first issue of Loungs is complete.

Have a read of my publication here:

I am hoping to continue with this project in the future and create many more issues of Loungs.

I got an A for this project and managed to earn a First Class degree overall! Thank you University of Worcester. I miss you already.

// Beth


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