Living in a girls-only student house

During my years at university, I only lived with girls. Our first year flat happened to be girls only, and we made such good friends that we decided to extend our existing living situation and move into a house together for the rest of university. Luckily, we seemed to get on and I had some of the best times in with that group.

All the happy times we had meant moving back home was super sad. I had to say goodbye to the independent lifestyle I had gotten used to, and to my housemates who’d I’d learnt to love and live with for three years. Packing up that house was a task, as I think it is safe to say was well-lived-in. I realised just how many things we’d acquired, how much decorating we did and how a group of 6 girls could transform a plain, old house into a home. As another generation of freshers head to university this weekend, here are some of the things you can expect if you’re going to be settling into a girls-only house.

If it’s a celebration, the house will be decorated and the event will require a party. Pumpkins, cobwebs and pretend spiders appear on Halloween. Christmas? Lights, tinsel, a Christmas tree and advent calendars will line the kitchen worktops. A housemates birthday? Expect balloons, bunting, cards and presents. Us girls will never miss a chance to decorate and celebrate. In 5 Himbleton Road, our house parties were one of my favourite parts of every season!

I don’t want to promote the typical girl stereotype here, but yes there will be a lot of products in the bathroom… expect shelves of every different brand of shampoo and conditioner, a shower gel in every fruit flavour, toothpaste, sanitary towels, face washes, body lotion, hair dye and a pile of multicoloured towels in the corner. You name it, if it’s a cosmetic product it will be in your bathroom!

With the bathroom turning into a miniature Superdrug, the house could also become pop-up hair salon. As one housemate finds herself on the slippery slope of hair dying, it won’t take long for everyone else to catch on and wah-lah, suddenly your student house becomes hair dye central. Just make sure you don’t get it on the furniture.

As a girls house, it may be messy but it will not be dirty, and compared to an all-boys house it’ll be spotless! Cleaning rotas come into force as early as a week into the new term and post it notes will appear if you don’t do your fair share! Bin days, washing up, emptying the bathroom drain – there’ll be at least one housemate keeping track of the cleaning that needs doing!

Speaking of cleaning, if it’s not done in time, expect a note! Something I found living with 5 other girls is that we love leaving a note! The whole house will be covered in them – the fridges, the worktops, the doors… someone always has something to say! If they’re used as a way of nagging, they may become irritation but in the end, they do make a plain surface a bit more interesting.

img_8757 img_2910









You will also be able to find the contents of the entire supermarket appliance aisle in the cupboards of a girls student house. Toaster? Check. Iron? Check. Ironing board? Check. Toastie maker? Check. Blender? Check. Slow cooker? Check. Knife sharpener? Check. Yoghurt maker? Check. (All of the above could be found in our kitchen and I’m sure there are more I haven’t even remembered).

In between dip-dying your housemate’s hair, while your beef is slow cooking in the kitchen, do remember that these three years will flash by and before you know it you’ll be sat in your family home scouring the internet looking for your graduation dress. You’ll have some of the best times with the girls around you so don’t take any time for granted! Happy Freshers!


// Beth


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