Rome, Italy

I’ve been able to visit some really amazing places so far this year and my latest trip was quick city break to Rome, Italy. We booked a last minute deal in August and got 4 nights and a hotel with a pool – which was perfect for our last day as temperatures were reaching nearly 30 degrees C!

It has now been over a month since I returned from this trip, but as Autumn is quickly creeping up on us I thought I’d post a major summer throwback and tell you all about my trip to Rome.

Trevi Fountain – The first tourist spot we headed for was the Trevi Fountain – as seen in the Lizzie McGuire Movie… It was much bigger than I thought it was going to be and with clear, blue water it was beautiful. We got there around 10am, so it wasn’t too busy and we were able to get space at the front for obligatory photographs and wish-making.

img_6536 img_6538

Colosseum – After the Trevi Fountain we walked to many, many different Piazzas before heading over to the iconic Colosseum. It was afternoon by the time we got there and there was quite a long queue outside, although we got to skip it as we paid for a tour. Our tour guide gave us so much information about the structure and its history, although with her Italian accent it was actually a little difficult to fully understand her. In the end we split off from the group and found our own way around the inside.



Roman Forum – Our Colosseum tour ticket also gave us entry into the Roman Forum. Again, we were given a tour guide, this time a student temporarily studying in Rome. He was funny and made sure his tour was interactive and entertaining. The Roman Forum was really impressive – the ruins were all incredible, as well as gigantic! It’s crazy to imagine what the area would have been like when the buildings were in use. If we weren’t nearly fainting with exhaustion, heat and hunger, I would have loved to have spent more time there. The photograph of the building you can see me stood in front of was extraordinarily high, but the perspective doesn’t show it very well!

img_6715 img_6710

Vatican City – We were eager to see all parts of Vatican City, including St Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s Square. After getting off the Metro we walked towards Vatican City and were constantly interrupted by tour companies offering deals on Vatican City trips. They will all say they are the best way to see inside Vatican City, and they are right. Without a tour ticket you will need to queue for hours to go to the Vatican Museums and then queue again to enter St Peter’s Basilica. We found a good company called italywithus, and got a student saving. Our tour included an American tour guide (and very easy to understand), who led us around the museums and explained the history of what we were seeing. He didn’t take us through to the Basilica or the Square, but he did give us information about them before giving us the exclusive access to them.

img_6791 img_6768

I can now say I have been in the Sistine Chapel and although I think it would have been a more incredible experience if I was religious, it was really interesting. Having a tour guide for the museums are a must – we spent a couple of hours walking through them and learning about the history and making of things. Without Erik, our tour guide, we wouldn’t have taken time to look at things properly and most of the time, I wouldn’t have even known what I was looking at.


The above left photo shows a ceiling which, although it looks 3d, is actually flat. The above right photo shows some of flooring in a museum, made is up of different coloured marbles that have come from many countries across the world.

We did visit the Spanish Steps on our first day but found that they were closed for cleaning! We spoke to a local lady who explained that the Trevi Fountain had also previously been closed and that one took 15 months to clean! Personally, I’m glad we got to see the Trevi Fountain, but maybe I’ll return one day to see the Spanish Steps!

Our third full and final day was spent having a rest, lying outside by the hotel’s pool – relaxing after a lot of walking and touring the amazing city of Rome!


// Beth


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