My Favourite 3 Body Positive Instagrams

Not long ago I wrote this post about positive body image. The post meant a lot to me to write, as I’ve always struggled with feeling happy with myself – but as I explained in the post, recently that’s been changing. I’m becoming happier with my body and I’m putting the change down to the positive mindset I’ve been working on, but the presence of body-positive role models has also helped me a lot. The main place I’ve been finding inspiration is on Instagram – so here are the top 3 accounts who have helped me.

nourishandeat – Gina, who runs this account, is absolutely amazing. Everyday she posts new photos, quotes and selfies encouraging self-love, body-confidence and support for anyone who may need it. This is one of the best body-positive accounts I’ve found and that’s down to the personal touch Gina puts into it. She posts selfies and photos of her own body, without being self-concious because she has learnt to love her body and is now encouraging her followers to do the same. She isn’t afraid to point out what some people may consider to be ‘flaws’, and always reassures us that bodies can look different depending on the camera angle and that wrinkles and rolls do appear when you sit down or lean over. She doesn’t shy away from the fact that bodies change size and shape and that everyone’s is different. She just teaches acceptance, confidence and self-love.


One of the main message she promotes is that bodies are always working so hard to keep us alive and that we should love them for that and not hate them for their size or shape – a pretty important message. Follow her on snapchat also, where she posts regular updates!

arielwinterThe Modern Family actress is a great ambassador for body confidence and although her account isn’t a dedicated body-confidence one, it is the main theme in many of her posts. She isn’t afraid to approach the topic and always encourages her followers to be confident and happy. She is an inspiration for young women as she promotes body positivity. Photographs of herself, whether red-carpet appearances or dressing-room updates, always show her being confident in her own skin. She shows that she isn’t afraid to show off her incredible body, despite any previous issues she may have had with it.

She has undergone surgery on her body but not for the typical reason – she had a great reduction surgery after struggling with back pain and wardrobe issues. Unlike ‘typical’ celebrity surgeries, Ariel wasn’t afraid to talk about it and after having the surgery she was much happier. She even happily flaunted the surgery scars, which promotes a positive message to be happy with your body, no matter how different it may be from the ‘typical’ ideal. For me especially, seeing Ariel showing off her scars from the surgery was encouraging.


thegirlfriendmanifesto – An account ran by Ayesha and Shanda, this one is very encouraging of female empowerment, as well as body confidence. With a strong feminist vibe, the posts promote positive messages about success in life, living without fear of failure, happiness despite any hard times and of course, confidence and self-acceptance. This is an all round positive force for any girl who needs some more support or encouragement to power through and be happy.



The accounts are all linked, so go and follow them! There are so many more out there and I couldn’t possibly name them all, but these are the few that have helped me the most with my body-confidence.

// Beth


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