My Map of You – Isabelle Broom Book Review

When I began reading My Map of You I was prepared for an enjoyable but typical chick-flick – one with an obvious romance and some minor complication before it all ended happily ever after. What I didn’t realise, was that there was going to be some added mystery, a range of amazing, funny characters and a whole journey of self-discovery.

After inheriting a house in Zakynthos from an aunt she didn’t know, Holly heads to the Greek island hoping to uncover mysteries from her past. How did she never know that her mum had a twin sister? What happened between them for them to lose touch? With the help of friendly locals and her handsome neighbour Aidan, Holly begins to explore the island which holds her family’s secrets. As she learns who she really is, Holly also has a chance to confront her past, one that she’s kept hidden or so long. Can she learn to come to terms with her past and find the way to a happy future?


The mystery surrounding Holly’s mum and aunt’s relationship added another dimension to the story, helping it to stand out amongst other romance novels. Although little clues were given throughout, they were careful not to reveal the truth too early – as the reader, I couldn’t guess what the truth was until it was revealed later on. The love story was more obvious, but that can be forgiven as the two characters worked so well together that you can’t help but root for them!

A majority of the book is set on the Greek island Zakynthos, with it’s blue sky, sandy beaches and sparklingly clear sea. This provided a magical setting, making the book even more heavenly. It’s almost a shame when the setting changes back to London. As Holly falls in love with the island, you do too. It was bringing back all my memories from my trip to Kos and has left me eager to go back and explore more of beautiful Greece!

I couldn’t stop reading this book and I didn’t want to stop reading! Towards the end I began to read slower as I was trying to delay finishing it. It had love, mystery, family and Greece – already perfect novel. As well as this though, it also has a journey of self-discovery. Holly was finding out who she truly was and how she truly felt about things in her life after hiding it for so long. While in Zakynthos, she confronted a tough past, remembered a series of painful memories and then learnt to forgive herself and others. Throughout the book she was angry, sad, confused and happy, and due to the brilliant writing, I was feeling all these things too.

It’s not very often that I get a book hangover, but My Map of You has certainly left me with one. Out of the 24 books I’ve read this year, I would even go as far as saying this has been my favourite… (Sorry Amy Schumer!) I can already imagine this becoming an equally incredible, romantic movie.



// Beth


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