This week I graduated from the University of Worcester with a First Class Honours degree in Journalism.

Yes, it is November and unlike most universities, this is the month when all graduation ceremonies are held. (The leaves actually made a nice background for photos!) It’s been a long wait since June, when we all found out what grades we were graduating from university with, and an even longer wait since May when we handed in our final assignments and dissertations. But like anything you look forward to, it soon came around and then flew past in a blur!

I wasn’t always looking forward to it. A few days before I suddenly became very busy and with work to do, the organisation that needed to be done- with graduation only days away, I was suddenly very stressed! Add to that an unorganised family and confusing schedule for the day, I was starting to think I’d be happy when it was all finally over!

In the end it ended up being a really nice day! My family arrived to the right place for the right time and we even had time for photos to be taken before the ceremony started. Although I was trying to keep my family organised, my Dad was making sure I enjoyed my day no matter what.

The ceremony was long, as you can expect but it was nice to see the people I’d become friends with graduating too. Luckily, the majority of my housemates were in the same ceremony I was, so we could all celebrate together. Not seeing them every day over the past 6 months has been strange, but even with it being half a year passing since I’d seen them last, it was like no time had passed at all!


To make my day even better, and to make my family that little bit prouder, I was also awarded with a prize for Outstanding Original Journalism for the Cystic Fibrosis magazine I designed and wrote for my dissertation. This was announced alongside my name when I went up on stage to collect my degree certificate.

Following the proud ceremony, there was a reception where I had the chance to catch up with my lecturers before we all headed off for dinner and to prepare for our celebratory night out!

I had one of the nicest days in Worcester, with my family, friends and course friends, which made it emotional all over again when I had to leave the next day. We all got the chance to see everyone again, to catch up and be that journalism class one more time. It was one last connection to the University.

Now I’ve really got to say goodbye to the best three years of my life.



// Beth



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