Gilmore Girls Revival (Yes, of course this includes spoilers)

I began writing this immediately after finishing the Gilmore Girls Revival on Netflix. I had a lot to say about it – and I still do – but I thought I’d wait a couple of weeks to publish it, to give everyone a chance to watch it before reading this! It has now been two whole weeks since it was put online – which is more than enough time to watch all four episodes – twice!

I’m not going to label this as a review, as I would be completely incapable of making it unbiased! So, welcome to my Gilmore Girls Revival ‘discussion’…


First and foremost, it was amazing to have the Gilmore Girls back! Wishing for more of your favourite TV series is common, but it’s less common for it to actually return! And it wasn’t just the new insight into the girl’s lives, it was the inclusion of most of the all of the old cast too. My favourite scenes with the supporting cast included Hep Alien reforming in Zach and Lane’s family home, Sukie baking in The Dragonfly kitchen and arguing with Michel and Jess returning for a lunch date with his Uncle Luke. Beginning with Winter was so festive – it felt like Christmas because Gilmore Girls had returned, and with it being so seasonal it definitely got me in the mood for Christmas!

The show kept the fun, fast-talking feel that series 1-7 had, but it felt funkier, fresher and more modern. Seeing Emily Gilmore answering a call on an iPhone was something I never thought I’d see!

The revival explored a different dynamic between mum and daughter, as Rory is now 32 and an adult herself. She no longer lives under her mums guidance or rules. She’s living the life she wants to, and although her career isn’t working out as well as she wished, Lorelei supports her throughout. It was strange to see Rory speak so openly to her mum about sex (the Wookie, for example), as this was a awkward topic for them in the previous series. It had developed far from the mother-daughter relationship it used to be and instead blossomed into a new, best-friend relationship. Saying that, disagreements between them reminded us that they are still mother and daughter, although they do operate in a more flexible dynamic. Their reconciliation scene in the kitchen showed how this Lorelei and Rory had grown and matured, as they  simply made up and carried on as normal.

A huge part of this revival was Richard’s death, as the actor Edward Hermann passed away in 2014. It gave the episodes a series topic to be based upon, which was necessary as the fans have also aged and can now relate more to adult issues. The emotion and atmosphere surrounding his absence, his funeral and how much he was missed really came across. Lauren Graham’s scene after she flies off to do ‘Wild’ is award worthy. She comes to terms with her loss and lets her mother in on it – making a lovely scene which shows a relationship which is normally strained! Despite the sadder themes, the revival episodes still managed to be funny and enjoyable throughout.


I have to say that I was most satisfied with Emily’s ending. Although it was sad to see her feel so lost in the surroundings she’s belonged in for so many years – for example, within the DAR and the family home she shared with Richard. But the way she finally took things into her own hands, chose a new place to live and even found herself a job makes me happy. It didn’t seem that there could be a way for Emily to be happy without Richard, but there is and they found it.

Now for my complaints…

I’ve been wishing for more Gilmore Girls for years, so I obviously had big expectations – and with big expectations there were bound to be some disappointments. I’ll just list them shall I?

  • That musical. I genuinely feel like 15 whole minutes of my life have been wasted. A quick montage lasting 40 seconds would have been more than enough.
  • That April issue. I don’t hate April Nardini, although her revelation did ruin Luke and Lorelei’s relationship. So, you would have thought the second time around they would have sorted it out but instead Luke is still keeping Lorelei out of April’s life. In an adult relationship with children, that’s never going to work very well. Rory is very much in Luke’s life and I’m sure Lorelei would love to play a bigger part in April’s.
  • While we’re on Luke and Lorelei, why aren’t they already married? It’s been, what… 9 years!? I know, I know, that’s a main theme of the show. They’re working through some problems and questioning parts of their relationship and if they were already married I guess there wouldn’t be a story for the revival… but come on. Nine years.
  • The real wedding. Don’t get me wrong, the secret, night time wedding was amazing and really, really cute. The decorations in the Town Square were perfect and magical – that whole scene was beautiful. But I still needed to see Lorelei in her real white wedding dress, marrying Luke in front on the towns people – and Jess (who should have been at the secret wedding). I wonder if she bought a similar wedding dress to the one she chose in season six?
  • Rory and Logan. Old news. Engagement or nothing. That was his deal. She chose nothing and now their sleeping together and both cheating on their other halves? This surprises me about Rory seeing as she was worried about Logan cheating when she was with him in college and now she’s helping him do it. A nice catch up dinner while she was in London would have been much more acceptable – an affair was much too much.
  • Missing characters. Only a little thing, but I would have liked to see Liz and TJ and baby Doola (Dula…?). And more of Lane’s children.


  • Emily meddling in Lorelei’s relationship… again.  The last time this happened, Luke and Lorelei split up for a while. This time, they’ve been together for 9 years and she’s still messing it up? I especially disliked when she was happy about the fact they were keeping things from each other. But, I will give it to her that throughout the episodes she showed to be accepting of Luke and included him into her family.
  • And finally, obviously… THAT ENDING. Na-ah. Not happy. I kind of wish I’d not watched the last few minutes. I was so satisfied with it up until then. She can be pregnant, that’s fine, but WHO is the Dad? (Logan is the obvious choice yes, but please god no. She had finally got him out of her life!) It needed to be Jess – even after all these years he is still there to support her and he may even still love her? That wistful glance through the window was a hint at something that never got explored – so why include it? Many people are suggesting that now Rory is in the same situation as Lorelei was. A baby with a man she doesn’t want to raise it with, and a more perfect man waiting in the future for her. At 32, Rory is the age that Lorelei was when the show began – full circle. But no, why does it have to be exactly the same situation!? Perhaps it leaves it open for more episodes but it’s not definite that that will happen. Amy Sherman-Palladino wanted it this way all along. Although I hate it, I’m glad she’s kept it for the revival and not for the original season 7 like she was planning! A career-oriented Rory pregnant fresh out of college – that definitely wouldn’t have fit.

So here are my thoughts… what do you all think about the Revival? Are you happy or disappointed? Leave your comments but please do not waste any more of my time on that damn musical.

// Beth


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