The Best of my 2016

On NYE 2015 we all hoped that 2016 would bring us health, happiness and good luck. Instead, the world seemed to have a punch-in-the-throat kind of year, with surprising deaths of incredible celebrities (RIP Alan Rickman), Brexit, the shock election of Donald Trump and many frightful and gut-wrenching terrorist acts.

As the end of the year approaches, people are filled with relief to see the year put behind us.

But, despite this year of negativity, I didn’t want my last blog post of 2016 to end on a low note. So, from TV shows to travel, here are the best things from my 2016.

  • I graduated! After three very quick and fun-filled years I came to the end of my university experience. (Although I also consider the end of uni to be a sad thing, the actual graduation was a proud achievement and an amazing day!)

  • Gilmore Girls returned! 2016 did deliver with a revival of one of the freshest, funniest tv shows to ever grace our screens. Sadly, Edward Herman’s death meant there was a great absence in the revival but it gave the series something to centre around, and it gave each actress a new way to bring invcredible raw emotion to the show. It wasn’t all sad though, as returns from our favourite erratic characters provided us with much needed happiness.
  • I’ve been paid for writing! This year I landed a freelance writing job which means I’m actually being paid for what I want to do! As well as this, I spent 2 weeks at OK! magazine which was lots of fun and it definitely proved to me that magazines are what I want to do! I also got to experience the busy London life, which was… different!

  • Busted got back together – Not McBusted this time (still a great band) but actual, real life, MattandCharlieandJamees Busted. My 10 year old fan heart is beating and my 21 year old fan purse is buying – Busted in February 2017, see you there!
  • I travelled to some super amazing new places this year with some of my favourite people. I visited every museum Amsterdam had to offer; I drank many a cocktail in Kos; I learnt a lot of history in Vatican City and I made a wish in the Trevi Fountain. In December I finished off with another trip to Florida with the family, but it won’t be long until I’m away again as next Spring I’m off on a 3 month trip around the world!

  • I saw some of my favourite bands in concert – including  5SOS as a VIP! I’m sure I wrote a blog post about how good that day was…!

This year marked the end of an amazing chapter in my life, as I said goodbye to university. I got so many amazing memories from it and I’ll keep forever! But now, it’s time to look into the future, and onto the next chapter!
// Beth


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