Beating the January Blues

Everyone take a deep breath. January is nearly over. What feels like the longest, most dreaded month of the year, is very nearly over. No offence to anyone who loves January – but what are you thinking? The dreary weather, the post-Christmas come-down, the heavy colds and returning to work. The end of social events and the new weight on your shoulders from the New Year’s resolutions you shouldn’t have made. The good news is that we’ve nearly reached the end of it. The bad news is that this last January week will probably feel like the longest one yet. So what can you do to make the end of January a little better? Here’s my advice…

Take advantage of the cosiness that comes with staying indoors!

A log fire, blankets, tea and books. It’s probably scientifically proven that the highest levels of cosiness are reached during January. Come in from work, change into your new Christmas pyjamas and slippers, pick up that book your mum bought you and get cosy on the sofa. I’m aiming to read even more books this year, so this is exactly what I’m doing! Plus, I’m completely in love with the dressing down that Santa bought me…


Get organised!

I am super organised – my friends will confirm. It helps that I love stationary and I make endless lists of things to do! Plan things for the rest of the year and add those dates to your diary – it’ll give you something to look forward to. Make a list of things to do – even the little things like putting the washing away or vacuuming your house. It feels good to tick the things off! Get organised and you’ll feel better for it. I find that having things written down helps me to feel less stressed. Plus having pretty stationary is very aesthetically pleasing!

Have a bit of a detox…

I’m definitely not a health or exercise fan, but even I know that having a bit of a detox after Christmas will make you feel better and refreshed! So many people will have made resolutions to exercise more or eat better anyway, so you’re probably already doing this! After all the New Years and Christmas party booze, a bit of a break can feel like a relief! The same goes for all the Christmas chocolate – I’m not saying cut it out completely (remember what my blog is called for goodness sake…) but a little bit less might give your body some relief! And don’t push yourself too hard with those resolutions – a treat every now and then is good for your happiness!

Have fun

Start watching that TV show you always said you wanted to watch. Have a girls night in with friends you haven’t seen since before Christmas. Relax and do things that make you happy, because being positive now will get you excited for the rest of the year!

This January I’ve been dog sitting a lot and making the most of it, because when I head off on my travels next month I know I’ll be missing that puppy! Planning the trip is taking up a lot of time but it’s getting very exciting and very, very real now! I’m also making sure to be reading a lot too (rereading Harry Potter counts)! Looking back now, I don’t know where January has gone…


// Beth



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