Bye Thailand!

This blog post comes to you from Vietnam as we have come to the end of our travels in Thailand!

I last told you about Kanchanaburi and Elephants World – my most favourite place in Thailand. After the amazing few days there, we headed back to Bangkok to catch a sleeper train down to Phuket.

A sleeper train is exactly what it sounds like – a normal train where the seats fold out into beds. We weren’t sure what to expect because the train system in Thailand seemed to be quite old and sparse, but it was a fun experience and not actually as bad as it might sound! The beds were comfortable and the carriage was actually very quiet overnight so it was easy to sleep. The train left at 7:30pm and arrived in Phuket at 7am the following day.

In Phuket we had some much-needed time relaxing on the beach. We’d been travelling a lot and carrying our big rucksacks around so it was nice to settle down somewhere for longer than 1 night!

One of our last stops in Thailand was Koh Phi Phi, a picturesque beach location perfect for some more relaxation; unfortunately, those few days in Thailand ended up being a bit more hectic…

The little, beautiful island is a hotspot for partying tourists. While it’s a tranquil beach destination during the day, after 8pm it’s one loud, island sized party, offering cocktail buckets for the equivalent of £3.50. 

It was during one of these loud nights on the beach where my phone disappeared… I couldn’t contact home, check my travel money app or cancel my sim! Luckily, the island is prepared for anything and I managed to get another phone there, so I’m back online! WordPress is installed and my GoPro is connected again so I’m ready to get back to updating you on the rest of the trip!

Although losing my phone did but a bit of a downer on my time on Phi Phi, I’d love to go back! We only had two nights there and this was definitely not enough time to do everything on Phi Phi – we didn’t even fit in a beach day!

One of the main things to do when you’re in Phi Phi is to go on a boat tour of the surrounding sights. There’s a lot of companies which do them and all of them are party boats (unless you hire a private long tail boat)! We went on a Pirate Boat tour – one of the slightly calmer tours ones (only slighty) and saw Monkey Island and Viking Cave, and went kayaking through Maya Bay. On the way back to Phi Phi the boat stopped so we could watch the sunset.

There were amazing views from the boat which I’d love to see again – I’d also love to show you all but as I was phoneless on that day, I don’t have access to photos until I get them off my camera’s SD card!

After Phi Phi we stopped in Krabi for one night before our flight to Vietnam. As we were only there on the way to the airport we didn’t get a chance to explore! We pre-planned our whole trip which is comforting when we need a place to stay but it also means we can’t stay in places longer if their better than expected. If we had the flexibility, I’d have lived to stay in Thailand longer! It was cheap and beautiful and full of so much culture that’s so different from at home.

Now, we’re two weeks in with 1 country is ticked off our list – 5 more to go! It’s crazy how fast the time has gone. For now, it’s goodbye to Thailand, but I hope to return one day!

For now, onto Vietnam!

// Beth


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