Post-travelling life

After 3 months on the road, visiting brand new places everyday, it was sad to come home. But, the end had come to a trip we had spent so long planning and so long looking forward to. Three months flew past and it was May 2017.

No one likes coming home after a holiday and but when you’re travelling constantly for months, it’s a lot different. There were times along the trip where we would have loved to have come home! Whether it was for a roast dinner, a long sleep in our own beds or just a good quality wifi connection, each one of us went through this stage at some point. It hit me the hardest when we were in New Zealand, as we were literally on the road every single day and spending most of our days on a bus. It became exhausting and we couldn’t wait to be settled in somewhere again.

After New Zealand, we headed to America where the urge to return home disappeared because we loved it so much! We finished off with some amazing days exploring New York in sunny weather before it was time for our return flights home.

Returning to the UK was daunting prospect, as it signified a point where we had to get serious about our lives. We’d done our travelling and seen some amazing things, but after getting home we were faced with job-hunting and the rest of our adult lives!

At the time of writing this, it’s over a month since we got back and I can announce that I am still an unemployed, ex-traveller who lives at home with her parents. I do plan for this to change, but the first step is finding a job – which I am working on! I have applied for a few and I’m waiting to hear back about those applications – 2 of them would require moving cities… If none of them work out, I do have a plan B, which will hopefully give me a different way into the media/journalism industry.

While looking for these jobs, I’ve been at home and not doing a lot of anything! I’ve caught up on the TV shows I missed when I was away and I’ve been catching up on the food I missed too! I lost two kilograms over the time I was travelling, but myself and the CF team aren’t worried as it’s weight that I could afford to lose. Even without those 2kgs, I was still a healthy weight – although, now I’ve been home a while and not walking around the world, I’m quite sure I’ve put all that the weight back on!

One difference that I am feeling is fitness levels! At home I barely exercise. It’s not my thing, I’m not a gym go-er, daily jogger or a morning workout fan, but when we were away we were walking over 15,000 steps a day. I was feeling healthy and fit, but, that feeling has disappeared now. Strangely, I actually liked feeling fit… I’m not going to do anything drastic like join a gym but I need to find something to do which helps me to feel fit again!

I also feel like I’m wasting the days when I’m not doing anything. I was spending every day seeing something new and cool. There was so much to do and see that we didn’t have time to do it all! Now I’m home, I feel like I need to be making the most of my city by exploring it more, even if I think I know it quite well already!

I’ve spent this past month thinking about the trip, with a longing to be back in those places again! Through all my reminiscing, I’ve worked out what my stand-out moments are.

  • My bungy jump in Queenstown, New Zealand – this is also the moment that everyone wants to hear about when they ask me about my trip. It was scary, but it was also the most fun thing I think I’ve ever done. I purchased the video of my jump, which I’ve been watching again and again ever since! Here it is… (skip the first 1:20, it’s just them explaining how I get saved afterwards!)

  • Elephants World, Kanchanaburi, Thailand – if you didn’t think this would be one of my favourite things, then you obviously didn’t see my blog posts about Thailand. The elephants quickly made their way into my heart, as they were so amazing. We had the best two days there, washing them, feeding them, watching them play and taking care of them after their tough working lives. I wrote all about Elephants World in a special blog post, which you can find here.

  • New York – potentially the best city in America? After seeing it so many times on films and TV shows, we had high expectations for this city and it met every single on of them! It’s just such a cool and iconic place that I would recommend it to everyone! Read more about our stops in America here.


So, there we are! Home again and already ready for the next adventure!


// Beth


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