What Is Self Care?

I’ve been hearing the term ‘self care’ thrown around a lot lately, for while not actually knowing what it means. It’s often associated with online posts about confidence and happiness, mental health and wellbeing.

Self Care basically means actions and behaviours that are completed with the intention of improving the person’s wellbeing and/or health. They’re the things you do when you decide that it’s about time you do something for yourself. The actions can differ between each person – what one person may find relaxing, someone else may not – so you need to find what works for you, but acts of self care can be literally anything that makes you feel refreshed, relaxed and more able to cope with the world.

They can range from something simple, like brushing your teeth, to splurging out on a spa day and 3 course meal – anything that makes you feel better. I’ve made a list of thethings that I find work for me.

  • Find or make a playlist that suits what you’re feeling. There’s nothing better than a good background soundtrack to your life. Alternatively, listen to an album or artist that you love, but haven’t listened to in a long time. It can take you back to a time that you associate with being relaxed and happy.
  • Start a conversation with someone that you’ve been meaning to catch up with for a while.
  • Go outside, for however long you want. Read, eat or nap, it’s your choice, but being out in the open can take away a claustrophobic feeling that you may not have been aware of, after spending the whole day inside.
  • Shower – so simple but I always feel so much better afterwards! Add in a shave and then moisturise afterwards and you’ll have never felt so relaxed.
  • Take a dog for a walk (or pet an animal of your choice) – this always relaxes me and gives you some easy time to be distracted from your thoughts – or to give you some time to develop a fresh approach towards them.

  • Unfollow the negative or annoying people you have on social media. They aren’t helpful and will do nothing to benefit you. Just get rid of them from your timeline.
  • Instead, find some other social media users or celebrities who have a much more positive presence. There are so many bloggers who promote confidence, self-care, happiness and wellbeing. These are the people who will brighten your timelines.
  • Declutter the space around you. Not ‘cleaning your room’, because that’s a chore, but just organising and decluttering to give you a clearer space to work or relax in.
  • Exercising. Yes, I did just wrote that even though I’ve been anti-exercise for about 22 years, but a walk, short jog, or whatever you enjoy doing, can be really good for your physical health (obviously), but also your mental health too.

I am definitely guilty of doing these things even if I don’t feel like I need to. Is there any such thing as overindulging in self care? I don’t think so. It’s for you, so take the time out of your every day life to make sure you’re looking out for yourself.

Do you do any of these things? What other self care activities do you do?


// Beth


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