Travelling the world with Cystic Fibrosis – Tips!

It's less than a week untilI take off on my 3 month world wide trip! I'm nervous and excited and I can't believe it's come around so quickly! (How are we nearly 2 whole months into 2017 already?) When I first shared the idea of travelling with my CF team, they were so excited for me and really … Continue reading Travelling the world with Cystic Fibrosis – Tips!


Busted – Night Driver tour at Bristol O2 Academy

I've been to a fair amount of concerts over the past few years. I've been to major ones like One Direction at Wembley Arena and I've been to smaller ones like Gabrielle Aplin on a local boat venue called Thekla. I've been to concerts I've loved and I've been to concerts that I've enjoyed at the … Continue reading Busted – Night Driver tour at Bristol O2 Academy


Why I appreciate my illness

Earlier this week, Olivia Newton-John made news headlines for saying that she was grateful to have fought breast cancer. That statement, understandably, shocked many people. Cancer is a horrible, evil thing that effects every single person in some way - whether it's losing someone, supporting someone who has lost someone or battling it themselves. For someone … Continue reading Why I appreciate my illness


Beating the January Blues

Everyone take a deep breath. January is nearly over. What feels like the longest, most dreaded month of the year, is very nearly over. No offence to anyone who loves January - but what are you thinking? The dreary weather, the post-Christmas come-down, the heavy colds and returning to work. The end of social events … Continue reading Beating the January Blues


Women’s Magazines

I love magazines. In particular, I love women's magazines - I buy Glamour and Cosmopolitan religiously, every month. But magazines, and women's magazines in particular, often get a bad reputation for being shallow, full of rubbish and for pushing unrealistic beauty standards on women. I'm here to tell you that this isn't always true. I might be a journalism … Continue reading Women’s Magazines


The Best of my 2016

On NYE 2015 we all hoped that 2016 would bring us health, happiness and good luck. Instead, the world seemed to have a punch-in-the-throat kind of year, with surprising deaths of incredible celebrities (RIP Alan Rickman), Brexit, the shock election of Donald Trump and many frightful and gut-wrenching terrorist acts. As the end of the … Continue reading The Best of my 2016


Gilmore Girls Revival (Yes, of course this includes spoilers)

I began writing this immediately after finishing the Gilmore Girls Revival on Netflix. I had a lot to say about it - and I still do - but I thought I'd wait a couple of weeks to publish it, to give everyone a chance to watch it before reading this! It has now been two whole weeks … Continue reading Gilmore Girls Revival (Yes, of course this includes spoilers)