Gilmore Girls Revival (Yes, of course this includes spoilers)

I began writing this immediately after finishing the Gilmore Girls Revival on Netflix. I had a lot to say about it - and I still do - but I thought I'd wait a couple of weeks to publish it, to give everyone a chance to watch it before reading this! It has now been two whole weeks … Continue reading Gilmore Girls Revival (Yes, of course this includes spoilers)

The Girl On The Train

With the extensive advertising appearing everywhere possible, you may be aware that the bestselling novel by Paula Hawkins has been transformed into a film which recently hit cinemas in the UK. The book was very well received by everyone who read it - including myself. It was exciting, scary and an addictive read. The only … Continue reading The Girl On The Train

Trainwreck Review (Spoilers)

In its simplest form, Trainwreck is a rom-com, a typical love story between a man and a woman with its complications and an overall happy ending. But Trainwreck has something that makes it different from others of its kind; it has strong humour, top quality dialogue, times of intense emotion and of course, Amy Schumer. Straying from … Continue reading Trainwreck Review (Spoilers)

Christmas advert rating 2015

The wait to see each shop's festive advert is what the run up to Christmas is all about. Every year new ones are released and the general public are always waiting to decide on their favourite. So, here is my list, ranking the top few Christmas adverts of 2015! 5. John Lewis and the man on the … Continue reading Christmas advert rating 2015

6 things the Harry Potter films missed out

Any long term readers of this blog will know I am a huge fan of Harry Potter. Along with my housemates, we even created and began the first Harry Potter society at my university. So, as you would expect, I've read the books several times and have of course seen the films; but if you … Continue reading 6 things the Harry Potter films missed out