Busted – Night Driver tour at Bristol O2 Academy

I've been to a fair amount of concerts over the past few years. I've been to major ones like One Direction at Wembley Arena and I've been to smaller ones like Gabrielle Aplin on a local boat venue called Thekla. I've been to concerts I've loved and I've been to concerts that I've enjoyed at the … Continue reading Busted – Night Driver tour at Bristol O2 Academy

Sounds Good Feels Good – 5 Seconds of Summer Album Review

Sounds Good Feels Good is the second album by Australian band 5 Seconds of Summer. We knew it had been written with All Time Low's lead vocalist Alex Gaskarth and the Madden Brothers of Good Charlotte fame, but even that doesn't mentally prepare you for the masterpiece that is this album. It's a lot less about … Continue reading Sounds Good Feels Good – 5 Seconds of Summer Album Review

June Update

This month has already been busy; I am now at home for the summer as all assignments have finished and I've had provisional grades back! They shouldn't change and as long as they don't, they're looking fairly good! Being at home means a few things - work and appointments. It's that time to replenish my … Continue reading June Update

Blink-182’s Week

This week has been a confusing, yet sad one for all Blink-182 fans. It was announced earlier this week that Tom DeLonge is no longer a member of the band; an announcement which was followed by a denial and further statements which only confirmed suspicions that there was a rift developing between it's members. It … Continue reading Blink-182’s Week

Frank Turner @ The Jailhouse, Hereford

After queuing up behind a mix of women in cardigans, teenagers in black leather jackets and middle aged men, I was left wondering what kind of gig that would be. What I didn't anticipate what quite how impressed I was going to be a couple of hours later. I was standing outside The Jailhouse in … Continue reading Frank Turner @ The Jailhouse, Hereford

Album Review: Ed Sheeran’s ‘X’

 'X' (or 'Multiply') is the highly anticipated second album by singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran. Writing a follow-up album, which would match the standards of his brilliant debut '+'/'Plus', promised to be a difficult task, but Ed has managed to do just that. The new album was worth the three year wait; it seems that Ed took that … Continue reading Album Review: Ed Sheeran’s ‘X’