Me Before You – Book Discussion (Spoilers)

I bought Me Before You after hearing really good reviews; however, at first I didn't fully realise what the book was about. Coincidentally, I also began and finished reading this book during the week when MP's rejected the legislation of assisted dying. This is a topic I have felt passionate about since I learnt of … Continue reading Me Before You – Book Discussion (Spoilers)

Pretenders star Chrissie Hynde says rape victims are at fault

In an interview with The Sunday Times former Pretenders front woman Chrissie Hynde suggested that rape victims can be the ones to blame. These comments followed her own story of sexual assault when she was 21 years old. She told the interviewer how a group of bikers took her to an empty house while she … Continue reading Pretenders star Chrissie Hynde says rape victims are at fault

Germanwings Crash Co-pilot and reports of Depression

Yesterday's news was dominated by stories of how the co-pilot of the Germanwings Airline suffered from depression. It was revealed earlier in the week that Andreas Lubitz had purposely descended the flight into the French Alps, while the pilot had momentarily left the cockpit. The plane crashed in the French Alps on Tuesday and all 149 … Continue reading Germanwings Crash Co-pilot and reports of Depression

Sad News in Bristol

This week has not been a good one for Bristol. It has received probably to most news coverage it's ever had within that time frame and not for good reasons. Firstly, this week body parts were found in the search for missing teenager Becky Watts. It was also reported that the 16-year-old's stepbrother Nathan Matthews, 28, has … Continue reading Sad News in Bristol

Blink-182’s Week

This week has been a confusing, yet sad one for all Blink-182 fans. It was announced earlier this week that Tom DeLonge is no longer a member of the band; an announcement which was followed by a denial and further statements which only confirmed suspicions that there was a rift developing between it's members. It … Continue reading Blink-182’s Week

R.I.P. Cadbury’s Creme Eggs

The week began with some bad news. Two pieces of bad news, actually. The world was rocked and the nation, devastated. On January the 12th, it was revealed that Cadbury Creme Eggs would never be the same again. You may think I'm being dramatic, but to one of the biggest fans of Creme Eggs, this is … Continue reading R.I.P. Cadbury’s Creme Eggs