This week I graduated from the University of Worcester with a First Class Honours degree in Journalism. Yes, it is November and unlike most universities, this is the month when all graduation ceremonies are held. (The leaves actually made a nice background for photos!) It's been a long wait since June, when we all found out … Continue reading Graduation

Living in a girls-only student house

During my years at university, I only lived with girls. Our first year flat happened to be girls only, and we made such good friends that we decided to extend our existing living situation and move into a house together for the rest of university. Luckily, we seemed to get on and I had some of the best times … Continue reading Living in a girls-only student house

Advice for the younger me

The countdown is on. In less than a week I am turning 21. I'll be an official adult, allowed to drink in America and rent a car in Greece. I'll have finished university, had my first graduate job interview and voted for the first time. (I'm also moving back home but we can overlook this … Continue reading Advice for the younger me

5 lessons I learnt at University

Three years, eight flatmates, one society and endless nights out - I have now reached the end of my university experience. My final assignments have been handed in and next month I'll be moving back home for good. The past three years have flown by, just as people said they would, and they have been some of … Continue reading 5 lessons I learnt at University

Another survey!

Hello! I'm making yet another magazine as part of a university project (yes this is the second one I need to make within 3 months). I need to conduct some market research for it and would appreciate if you could take this short survey - it's just 10 questions! The link is below. Thank … Continue reading Another survey!

Can you spare a minute?

Hello everyone! I am currently working on my dissertation, which is my final project and a huge part of my degree. As part of my pre-production, I need to carry out some market research to see if my final product (a magazine) will be feasible and necessary. If you have Cystic Fibrosis and are aged … Continue reading Can you spare a minute?

Merry Christmas!

My blog has been awfully quiet lately, I'm sorry! It's been a horribly busy lead up to Christmas and I've been jam-packed with university assignments, a work placement, Harry Potter Society (now featuring Quidditch), preparing for Christmas and making a start to my dissertation! Yes, I have now decided on a dissertation idea and I've … Continue reading Merry Christmas!