The Best of my 2016

On NYE 2015 we all hoped that 2016 would bring us health, happiness and good luck. Instead, the world seemed to have a punch-in-the-throat kind of year, with surprising deaths of incredible celebrities (RIP Alan Rickman), Brexit, the shock election of Donald Trump and many frightful and gut-wrenching terrorist acts. As the end of the … Continue reading The Best of my 2016

Gilmore Girls Revival (Yes, of course this includes spoilers)

I began writing this immediately after finishing the Gilmore Girls Revival on Netflix. I had a lot to say about it - and I still do - but I thought I'd wait a couple of weeks to publish it, to give everyone a chance to watch it before reading this! It has now been two whole weeks … Continue reading Gilmore Girls Revival (Yes, of course this includes spoilers)


This week I graduated from the University of Worcester with a First Class Honours degree in Journalism. Yes, it is November and unlike most universities, this is the month when all graduation ceremonies are held. (The leaves actually made a nice background for photos!) It's been a long wait since June, when we all found out … Continue reading Graduation

My Map of You – Isabelle Broom Book Review

When I began reading My Map of You I was prepared for an enjoyable but typical chick-flick - one with an obvious romance and some minor complication before it all ended happily ever after. What I didn't realise, was that there was going to be some added mystery, a range of amazing, funny characters and a … Continue reading My Map of You – Isabelle Broom Book Review

The Girl On The Train

With the extensive advertising appearing everywhere possible, you may be aware that the bestselling novel by Paula Hawkins has been transformed into a film which recently hit cinemas in the UK. The book was very well received by everyone who read it - including myself. It was exciting, scary and an addictive read. The only … Continue reading The Girl On The Train

My Favourite 3 Body Positive Instagrams

Not long ago I wrote this post about positive body image. The post meant a lot to me to write, as I've always struggled with feeling happy with myself - but as I explained in the post, recently that's been changing. I'm becoming happier with my body and I'm putting the change down to the positive mindset … Continue reading My Favourite 3 Body Positive Instagrams