Beating the January Blues

Everyone take a deep breath. January is nearly over. What feels like the longest, most dreaded month of the year, is very nearly over. No offence to anyone who loves January - but what are you thinking? The dreary weather, the post-Christmas come-down, the heavy colds and returning to work. The end of social events … Continue reading Beating the January Blues

Women’s Magazines

I love magazines. In particular, I love women's magazines - I buy Glamour and Cosmopolitan religiously, every month. But magazines, and women's magazines in particular, often get a bad reputation for being shallow, full of rubbish and for pushing unrealistic beauty standards on women. I'm here to tell you that this isn't always true. I might be a journalism … Continue reading Women’s Magazines

Body Image

Body image is a subjective topic. What one person thinks is an unattractive aspect of themselves, may be another person's favourite thing. But, no matter what other people may think, it all comes down to what you think about yourself and this is the first hurdle to overcome. A positive mindset I can't say I've ever been truly happy … Continue reading Body Image

Advice for the younger me

The countdown is on. In less than a week I am turning 21. I'll be an official adult, allowed to drink in America and rent a car in Greece. I'll have finished university, had my first graduate job interview and voted for the first time. (I'm also moving back home but we can overlook this … Continue reading Advice for the younger me

Merry Christmas!

My blog has been awfully quiet lately, I'm sorry! It's been a horribly busy lead up to Christmas and I've been jam-packed with university assignments, a work placement, Harry Potter Society (now featuring Quidditch), preparing for Christmas and making a start to my dissertation! Yes, I have now decided on a dissertation idea and I've … Continue reading Merry Christmas!