Positive Look At 2017

A reflective post about the past year? How unexpected! (No, seriously… genuinely unexpected from me as I’m averaging 1 post a month since getting a full time job!)

It’s the Christmas holidays and that always calls for a sentimental look back at the past year, along with longing and hopeful dreams of the next year to come.

I’ve got a lot to look back on this year – reaching 22, taking 19 flights, visiting 7 countries, doing 1 bungee jump, 1 stunt plane flight, 1 house move and getting a brand new full-time job. Add on a bunch of other adventures which I can’t note down in number form and you’ve got my 2017.

I started 2017 in a dream job – dog sitting and spending every day with a beautiful puppy, before I left to fly off to Thailand and start living another dream. My travelling adventure consisted of 6 countries but sadly, 3 months later, I was heading back to the UK where I stayed for a short while before jetting off to turn 22 in Crete. A week later, I was back in the UK again and job hunting before landing a writing job at Harrods! Skip through the last three months and I’m now a Junior Online Copywriter for the store’s website. Plus, I’m currently writing this in Florida where I’m spending Christmas before getting back to London in time for New Years. A pretty damn good year, right?

My 2018 will definitely mean a whole lot less travelling as I settle into my post-graduate full-time job, but that’s okay because I got to do amazing things this year and one day I’ll do it all over again. For now, it’s career time!

It’ll be sad to say goodbye to this year as it’s been such a good one, but it already feels like so long ago since I was on the other side of the world.

Thank you all for reading this past year, I appreciate everyone who takes the time to  browse or even skim through any of my posts and if it has meant that anyone has learnt anything about Cystic Fibrosis, then that means my aim is complete! During 2018, I will continue to post and update the blog about new adventures or struggles (CF related), even if they’re less regular now I’m a working girl!


Happy New Year to all!


// Beth

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